Ambivalence #2 – On Food(s)
Image of Ambivalence #2 – On Food(s)
Ambivalence #2 – On Food(s)
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Photography, illustration and essays exploring the ambivalence of foods.

Contributors are:
• Dennis Eichmann & Julia Marie Schönheit
• Ida Halling & Josefin Tolstoy
• Michael Barry
• Faustine Martin
• Will Aldersley
• Rebecca Alice Hawkes
• Viviane Jalil & Isabelle Laydier Kristensen
• Morgane Vantorre
• Valentin Fougeray
• Mahima Dhawan
• Philip Linander & Pelle Bengtsberg

Publishing date: 16th December 2020.

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Printed locally in Amsterdam, on Munken Creme paper. 68 pages. Published by Fanfaretti Publishing.

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Ambivalence #2 – On Food(s)