Ambivalence #1 – On Space(s)
Image of Ambivalence #1 – On Space(s)
Ambivalence #1 – On Space(s)
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Our first issue is available for pre-orders!
Ambivalence's first publication deals with the significance of spaces–from physical to mental, from homes to the universe. 68 pages, out in end of May. Orders will be delivered beginning June both by me and by the postal service.

For more info follow us on @ambivalence.publication on instagram.

(If you live in Berlin, Germany, you can order the magazine for delivery in person! Just check-out using the Antarctica shipping option)

Our contributors are:
- Elvira Voynarovska
Living Spaces

- Jetzt & Immer
Type Spaces

- Isabelle Laydier Kristensen
Collapsing Spaces

- Laurent Laporte
Spaces of Value

- Ayo Akinsete
Coloured Spaces

- Charlotte Deregnieux
Public Spaces

- Hope Frost
Bathing Spaces

- Florent Tanet & Eli Serres
Wrapped Spaces

- Emmanuel Hugot & Caroline Corbasson
Outer Spaces

- Sarah Balhadère
Safe Spaces

- Sara Arroyo
Empty Spaces

- Madelynn de la Rosa
Moving Spaces

- Léa Boeglin
Food Spaces


Designed in Amsterdam, printed in Germany.
For questions please contact [email protected]

Ambivalence #1 – On Space(s)